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Tomas received his Bachelor and Engineer degrees from the Czech Technical University, FEE, in addition he received M.S. degree from Baylor University. He received his Ph.D. in Information Science and Computer Engineering from the Czech Technical University, FEE in 2016. Soon after graduation, he returned to Baylor University to join the faculty of the School of Engineering and Computer Science.

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Aspect-Oriented Programming

Aspect-Oriented Programming

Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) brings instruments to separate out cross-cutting concerns and thus reduce the development and maintenance efforts and over all code volume. Using it in distributed environment can be a real challenge.. you should take the challenge and join me in work on distributed aspect weaving.

Current students: Jan Svacina, Karel Cemus, JR Diehl, Andrew Walker

“Developing AOP weaver for cloud-based systems including Microservices”

Enterprise Application Development

Enterprise Application Development

Have you heart of programming contests? The ICPC is the worldwide contest for over 2000 universities. We maintain a 24/7 production system based on Java EE and cloud solution. Most of the students that worked on this became leaders in the field..

So many students making in hard to name them all: Noah Sloan, Ray Holder, Lukas Camra, Rober Cepa, Petr Praus, Petr Rysavy, Roman Smetana, Jing Yang, Antonin Smid, Ruolin Wang, Jan Kubicek, Karel Kalecky, sorry if I missed your name..

“Large Microservice-based cloud application for the International Collegiate Programming Contest worldwide”

Context-Awareness in IoT

Context-Awareness in IoT

With a mobile app prototype, we collect various contextual information from the environment, with a smart lab environment we can utilize various sort of information and rationalize about the activities.

Current and formal students: Michal Trnka, Filip Rysavy, Vladyslav Gorbunov

“Smart environments need smart solutions to integrate context-awareness for automation or augmented use experience”

Second Screen Conference and Event Open Source Platform

Second Screen Conference and Event Open Source Platform

Many custom second screen applications exist, for sport events, concerts, home TV, but having a universal open-source platform is something currently missing on the market. Join us with development of the new universal second screen app MyICPC

Current and formal students: Antonin Smid, Roman Smetana, Karel Kalecky, Vladyslav Gorbunov

“Have you ever visited an event with parallel program, large crowd with many things to do? Second screen app is a perfect companion to keep you up with all activities, happening and crowd-made experience“

User Interface Automation Design

User Interface Automation Design

Most of the User Interface (UI) for Enterprise Systems are Forms, Tables and Reports. Designing UI consumer up to 50% of all development efforts, and forms are the worst, as they restate, redefine and repeat information already captured in the system. AspectFaces is a Java tool extracting application information and deriving various UI presentations. It enables, constrain enforcement, great performance, context-awareness, low maintenance and code volume reduction and much more. We have ports to JSF, Angular, Angular2, React and the technology is deployed in ICPC for over 6 years.

Current and formal students: Karel Cemus, Vaclav Chalupa, Tomas Linhart, Filip Rysavy, Jan Kubicek, Rober Cepa, Lubos Matl, Lukas Rychtecky, and others.

“Code-inspection based user interfaces generation with full customization support, context-awareness, high-performance, and coding effort reduction”

Secure Enterprise Application Design

Secure Enterprise Application Design

What is the right software design approach to build safe system, can we minimize the compromise impact, could code-transformation help us to build secure systems. These and many other answers are addressed in this project.

Current and formal students: Filip Sedlinsky

“Design Enterprise Application with Security concerns in mind to prevent compromise, data theft while not sacrificing development efforts”


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  • Java SE
  • Basic UML modeling
  • Object-oriented design

CSI 5324 - Software Engineering


  • Java EE
  • Advanced UML modeling
  • Design patterns

CSI 5354 - Advanced Software Engineering


  • Java EE
  • Microservice architecture
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming

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