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Tuesday, 11/30/2004
I have added some important information about implementing project 4 on the project 4 web page. It is important that you read and act on these points.
Monday, 11/22/2004
I have added individual feedback to your milestone 3 printouts. If you would like to pick it up before the break, stop by my office on Tuesday.
Wednesday, 11/17/2004
Please note that problems 1 and 6 on homework 4 has been modified.
Monday, 11/15/2004
Project 4 and homework 4 have been posted. Get started on them!

Please note: I had a typo in my notes today, which has been corrected in the notes. Here is the correction: the run-time of external merge-sort is O(n log(n)), like other comparison-based sorts. The number of merges that external merge sort requires is ⌈log(n/m)⌉.

Here is a useful and free tool for drawing and investigating graph structures: GraphViz.

Tuesday, 11/2/2004
I have added a comment on how project 3 should behave in certain situations. Please read it on the announcements of project 3.
Wednesday, 10/20/2004
Project 3 has been posted. Please get started on it now.

This article has some funny insights into how NOT to write a computer science program.

Thursdsay, 10/14/2004
Today I will be holding office hours between 1:00 and 2:30 (half-hour earlier shift).

Note that the assignment dates and due dates for projects 3 & 4 have been moved around.

Monday, 10/4/2004
There is an important change in the policy for submitting project 2. Please read about it at the top of the project 2 description.
Wednesday, 9/29/2004
Thanks to Achal for pointing out that we left one case out of the exercises today in lecture. Here is an updated code listing. Please use this new code listing instead of the one passed out in class, they are only slightly different. The code on the lecture notes has also been updated.

Though we have not yet finished grading homework 2, the answer key is now posted, so you can evaluate your own work (especially for the ArrayQueue question).

Friday, 9/24/2004
Project 2 is now due October 6th, rather than October 1st. This is because we haven't gotten through as much material about trees in lecture as I wanted to at this point.
Wednesday, 9/22/2004
Office hours for Thursday, 9/23/2004 have been changed to 12:00 - 1:30.

I have put up feedback for project 1. This explains how I graded your code.

Monday, 9/20/2004
Homework 2 has been pushed back again, now it is due Friday, September 24th.
Sunday, 9/19/2004
The upload site is now ready for you to upload project 2. Start early, test often!

I made one minor change to binarytree-prof-proj2.h; please re-download this file.

Friday, 9/17/2004
I have updated the project submission guidelines to include information on using WinMerge, which I recommend over WinDiff. Please read this short section.
Thursday, 9/16/2004
I have updated the .h files in project 2. If you have downloaded them previously, please download them again.

PLEASE NOTE: Homework 2 problem 5.b had a typographic error. The second statement should say g0(n) = g0(n-1) + 1, not g0(n) = g1(n-1) + 1.

Wednesday, 9/15/2004
Project 2 has now been posted. Go to it! Please ask me if you have questions. Read the description carefully, and start your work with the recommendations at the end of the project description.
Thursday, 9/9/2004
Thanks to Aaron Kelley for catching a bug in my output specification. When the maze has no solution, your program should print "No solution found", not "No solution found." There should be no period at the end. The project description has been updated to be correct.

The sample output files are what you should be comparing your output formatting to. Capitalization matters, newlines matter, spaces matter, punctuation matters. When in doubt, look at the sample output files provided for the correct formatting.

Wednesday, 9/8/2004
I have again updated the project submission guidelines to include some information on assert(). Now the judging script will tell you which assert is failing (if your program fails on an assert). This can be very useful for debugging.
Tuesday, 9/7/2004
If you are having problems with your program submission, make sure you are checking the tiny details, like newline behavior at the end of each line, for every type of test case. Compare your output to mine using WinDiff (or similar utility), following the guidelines I have put in the project submission instructions. Read the instructions carefully.
Monday, 9/6/2004
I have updated the instructions for project submission to include advice for testing your program. Please read this new section. If you are having problems with your project, please come talk to me so that we can discuss them.
Thursday, 9/2/2004
I have made some clarifications to homework 1, in questions 2 and 11. I have also corrected a typographical error in question 10. Please re-read these questions.
Wednesday, 9/1/2004
The instructions for how to submit programming projects have been posted. Please read and follow the instructions for first-time usage. The submission system will soon be able to handle project 1; for now it is not ready.
Monday, 8/30/2004
Homework 1 and project 1 have been posted. Thanks to Junior for catching a typo in the maze.h file; it has been corrected. If you have already downloaded maze.h, please download it again. Remember, tonight is the beach bash (5:30 PM). Also, every Thursday is programming contest practice at 4:00 in ECS lab 114. There may be scholarships available to students who participate, and it's fun, so you should come check it out.
Tuesday, 8/24/2004
If you can't find the book in the Baylor bookstore, please check under the name of Professor Girju. I have been told the books are listed under her name instead of Hamerly. Hopefully this will be fixed.
Monday, 8/23/2004
Read this syllabus thoroughly, early and often. It explains the requirements for you to be successful in this class.

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