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Fri Sep 9 18:56:12 CDT 2005
Please note that Baylor email may be down for some time this weekend, but you should be able to email me through hamerly at cs dot baylor dot edu (however, greg_hamerly at baylor dot edu may not work).
Fri Sep 2 14:53:24 CDT 2005
If you did not pass project 0 (in other words, you did not get a YES from the upload site), you must come and talk to me in my office about your project before the end of next week.
Wed Aug 31 12:12:00 CDT 2005
There have been small updates to the code given for project 1. Please see the announcements on the project 1 web page.
Fri Aug 26 00:02:28 CDT 2005
My office hours on Friday (today) are moved to immediately after class (12-1 PM). I will also not be answering emails on Friday afternoon/evening.

Project 1 is posted today. Read it and get started immediately. There are several milestones listed on the description which you should turn in (printed) at the listed times.

Mon Aug 22 15:24:17 CDT 2005
Project 0 has been posted. It's due Friday night before midnight. Get to work on it immediately. Read the project description carefully. Email me or post a question on Blackboard if you have any questions.
Thu Aug 11 13:26:16 CDT 2005
We will use Blackboard in this class. If you would like help learning how to use Blackboard, the Library will be holding multiple 1-hour orientations daily from August 22 - September 2. See the Baylor Calendar for more information.

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