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Mon Oct 2 15:01:58 CDT 2006
Project 3 is now up. Get going!
Fri Sep 22 23:28:56 CDT 2006
Here are some notes on calculating logarithms in T(n) and O(f(n)) analysis, as promised today in class.
Mon Sep 18 15:47:25 CDT 2006
You might be interested in competing for the Google Gadget Awards.
Mon Sep 11 13:57:03 CDT 2006
Homework 2 has been posted. Project 2 has been updated several times over the past weekend, so make sure you have the latest version.
Thu Aug 31 18:08:35 CDT 2006
Another quiz has been posted on blackboard. Also, please note that the reading for weeks 2 and 3 has changed.
Fri Aug 25 10:31:09 CDT 2006
Project 1 has been posted.
Sun Aug 20 16:03:56 CDT 2006
Welcome to data structures! Please read this syllabus and the linked pages carefully. Project 0 has been posted, and is due this Friday. Quiz 1 is on blackboard.

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