Project 4: Balanced tree-based encryption and decryption

Due Friday, 2019/03/22, 11:59:59PM

Project description

This project is just like Project 3, but instead of using a regular binary search tree, we will use an AVL-balanced binary search tree. This change will make this new project different in several ways:

Otherwise, this project is identical to the previous project in terms of input and output specifications.

Sample inputs

Several sample inputs are available here. You can get the correct output by capturing the output of the sample executable on these inputs.

Provided code

You must use the .h files provided here. I have provided a lot of code for you in the 'prof' file. You are not allowed to change the code in these files. Instead, you will write your code in and submit the 'student' file.

Remember that when using templates, all of the code you write goes in the .h file. So you will turn in 2 files for this project: avl-tree-student-proj4.h and driver-proj4.cpp. Your driver should #include "avl-tree-student-proj4.h", and that file should #include "avl-tree-prof-proj4.h" (which it already does).

Sample executables

Here are sample executables for you. When you design test cases, you can judge your output against the output from my correct solution.

If you give a command-line argument to these executables, they will print extra information about how they are exploring. For example, this will execute the program like normal, redirecting input from a file called my_input.txt:

% project4_solution_dos.exe < my_input.txt

But here is the mode of operation that will cause the program to print out what it is doing in more detail:

% project4_solution_dos.exe printMore < my_input.txt
The command-line argument doesn't have to be the word "printMore", it can be anything.

Structuring the project

Since this is a large project, it helps to have a plan of attack. The following milestones should be turned in via the upload site. There's no milestone requirements for the driver, EncryptionTree, or methods that are just like they were in the BST, since they should be almost the same as that for project 3.

Step Finish by Milestone
1. Tuesday, March 19 by noon WRITE and TEST all the rotation, insert, and rebalancePathToRoot methods in the AVLNode class.
2. Thursday, March 21 by noon WRITE and TEST the AVLTree remove and printLevelOrder methods.

Use your book. Your book has code for writing an AVL-balanced binary search tree, but your code will be fairly different, since the book uses recursion but your code will mostly not use recursion. However, you should read and understand the code in the book first.

Final notes

Remember when writing this program to adhere to the coding style guidelines. This is an individual project, so you must work alone. No credit will be given for a solution which does not pass all the hidden tests I create, or does not pass in the allowed time. For more detailed instructions, read the project submission guidelines.

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