David Sturgill
Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Baylor University
Engineering and Computer Science
One Bear Place #97356
Waco, Tx 76798-7356
254 - 710 - 6828


I get to teach some of the most interesting courses in the department. The following will take you to information about my current courses and some of the student projects I'm working with.

Office Hours

Each semester, I set aside a few times during the week when I am in my office, available to students. If you are one of my advisees, a student in one of my classes or you just want to talk about something, these would be good times to stop by. If you can't make it during one of these times, stop by anyway and I'm usually happy to meet with you.


Much of my research focuses on parallel computation and its application to traditional artificial intelligence problems. Some of my past work was on on parallel search and involved the development of a parallel theorem prover called DALI. I am now working on a successor to DALI which offers greater potential for extension and experimentation. Both of these theorem provers are based on model elimination, but add a number of refinements to the basic proof calculus.

Online Resources

In addition to teaching, I work with the department programming team and the student ACM chapter. I have developed some web pages to support this work and other projects I'm working on.


When I'm not working, I enjoy a number of relaxing activities. Both my juggling and woodworking skills are continually developing. My wife, Amanda, and I enjoy hiking, racquetball and scuba diving.