The CRADLE/White Eye Detector Application you are using analyzes your
photographs for "white eye" (leukocoria) without collecting any data or
information and without uploading any photographs from your device.

The CRADLE application does not automatically collect any information without
your permission. In other words, the CRADLE application is stored on your phone
and is analyzing photographs on your device, and is NOT uploading your
photographs from your phone or device to a distant server for analysis. You do
not need to share any information with CRADLE developers in order to search
your photographs for leukocoria.

However, if the CRADLE application does detect leukocoria in a photograph
stored on your device, the CRADLE application will provide you with the option
to share the image with our research team at Baylor University by uploading the
image to a secure server at Baylor University.

Your photograph will help our team improve the accuracy of the CRADLE
application. If you do not wish to share your photograph, you can simply ignore
the request and continue to use all of the features of the CRADLE application.

If you do wish to share an image with our team we will store the image along
with your device identification number (and your email address if you choose to
provide it) on a secure server at Baylor University. We will NOT publish or
share your photograph, or the metadata associated with the photograph, or your
device or email information with anyone outside of our research team, unless we
receive written consent from you.  

In the app, by accepting this notice (By clicking "OK") you acknowledge that you
have read this privacy policy and accept this user agreement. If you do not
accept these terms of use, please click "No Thanks".